Why Do Kiosks Need The Barcode Scanner

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Self-service kiosks are becoming more popular in healthcare and transportation and for workforce management in a wide variety of industries. A kiosk scanner adds barcode reading capabilities to self-service stations. Their user-friendly touch-screen displays provide operational guidance that makes them easy to use to scan tickets, receipts, ID cards, and more. Kiosk barcode scanner are available with a their compact design that can save valuable space or allow them to be integrated into stands or signs or mounted on counters or shelves.RAKINDA company can help you assess the feasibility of adding kiosk scanners to your operations. With more than 19 years of experience providing barcode scanner solutions to businesses in a range of industries, RAKINDA can advise you on the best barcode scanner options for your application that can help you increase productivity and efficiency.


What is a good barcode scanner to recommend for the self-service Kiosk?


Our RD4500R model 2d barcode reader reading close-range printed or screen QR code very fast.It reads close printed or screen barcodes with 5 to 10mil precision.The RD4500R fixed mount barcode reader has a interface is USB or RS-232.


It has aluminum alloy housing and it's industrial grade IP54.Its light source is LED white light and has IR infrared sensing. The operating temperature is -10°C~+50°C and has good thermal conductivity. Make it resistant to relatively harsh conditions.At the same time,small streamlined design makes it perfect for embedding in the various types of self-service machines to use,like Kiosk,Turnstile and Vending machine,very nice.


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